Versus the Mirror, with Boy Sets Fire, the Fully Down and My Last War

Metalcore. It's the latest in a series of seemingly endless subgenres of the loud, the fast and the ugly, combining the anger of thrash with the volume of metal and the speed of punk. Its fans are more likely to engage in extreme sports than extreme bong-building. On the strength of their full-length debut, Home, Tucson's Versus the Mirror is primed to be a breakout band, with vocalist Dave Siebold's larynx-shredding, never-varying vocals fronting a solid, clean four-piece band (all in their late teens or early twenties). Recorded analog with no amplifier repairs or Pro Tools cleanup, Home sounds extra-intense, and you'll either love it or hate it. For the audience at Java Jazz -- which is quickly becoming north Houston's best venue for everything from Christian rock to hardcore for all ages -- this combined fierce bill is surely a three-Tylenol evening.


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