Voodoo Lady: Christine O'Donnell's Halloween Playlist

Voodoo Lady: Christine O'Donnell's Halloween Playlist

Christine O'Donnell's "I Am Not a Witch" ad gave us truckloads of comedy during a rather boring election season. Thanks to that unintentionally hilarious ad and the upcoming election, Christine has been on our minds lately.

To better understand what drives the Teabag candidate, we stole her iPod and quickly scribbled down the first seven songs. Here's what we found...

Donovan, "Season of the Witch"

Forget the First Amendment, Christine doesn't believe in the "separation of witch and state." If she gets elected to the U.S. Senate she'll pass a bill mandating that "Season of the Witch" be played at high-school football games.

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Necro, "The Kink Panther"

When we first saw O'Donnell's anti-sex campaign on MTV, we echoed the sentiment of the potty-mouthed fella on Necro's "Kink Panther": "What is this bullshit you're talking about?"

Cameo, "She's Strange"

Speaking of strange, remember this Cameo video with the atrocious dance moves and matching white tees and nuthuggers? And whose idea was it to shoot the video in the middle of nowhere? Strange indeed.

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