Wandering Jams

Judging George DeVore and the Roam only by virtue of the outfit's self-titled debut on Puddin' Pie Records wouldn't be fair. There's much more to the band, particularly when you hear it live -- a rather amusing fact considering the CD is, in fact, live.

To be succinct, the easy, if oversimplified, story is this: If you like jam bands, then you'll love DeVore (vocals, rhythm guitar) and the Roamers, John Chipman (drums), Jimmy McFeeley (bass) and Daved Abeyta (lead guitar).

The group's no-frills, acoustic-based tunes are by turns jaunty ("Cut from the Same Cloth," "Wait"), jammy ("Ghost of Comfort"), funky ("Broken Wings") and carefree. Sure, there's some stuff about relationships ("Be Mine Anyway"), but nothing ends in tragedy. DeVore's voice is low and a bit scratchy, and the group seems to depend on that aggro/jam band feeling for its energy. DeVore and the Roam have begun to play Houston with a bit more frequency, so there should be no shortage of opportunities to see the band, or the tattoos of its leader's three inspirations: God, Jimi Hendrix and Captain America. What? No Che?

George DeVore and the Roam perform Saturday, July 1, at Rudyard's, 2010 Waugh. For more information, call (713)521-0521.


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