Want To Win A "Golden Ticket" For Summerfest?

You know you do. Between today and March 1 (aka Monday), one ticket-buyer per day will be selected at random to have their purchase upgraded to the "Golden Ticket" package, which includes two "Fancy Pants Weekend Passes," backstage access, food and drink - don't worry, there will be food and drink for everyone else too; you just have to pay for it - two official Summerfest T-shirts and autographed limited-edition Summerfest posters. Only tickets bought at


will be eligible. Hard tickets are also on sale now for $22.50 at Cactus Music and Soundwaves (Montrose location only). For more information go there or


. If you've already forgotten who's playing Summerfest (besides the Lips, of course), the sick-ass poster - coming soon to a T-shirt near you, provided you live around Mango's - is after the jump.

Want To Win A "Golden Ticket" For Summerfest?
Poster by S. Hillman

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