Warlocks: Heavy Deavy Skull Lover

It's hard to imagine doing anything while listening to Heavy Deavy Skull Lover except lying on the couch in a substance-induced stupor — cough syrup, hydro, opium, take your pick — so it's probably not a good idea to dial this up on your iPod while operating heavy equipment or even crossing the street. Even stone cold sober, it's the sort of record that causes you to lose all track of time five minutes after pressing "play." Or was that an hour? Actually, it was the tenth minute of second song "Moving Mountains." Not quite as apocalyptic as the Black Angels and nowhere near as mercurial as Brian Jones­town Massacre — though all three bands share a heavy debt to the Velvet Underground's narcotic fever dreams — the bulk of Heavy Deavy is closer to a more recent psychedelic mutation, the warm feedback baths of Ride and My Bloody Valentine. ("Slip Beneath" and "Dreamless Days" are especially amniotic.) Aided by some tribal-like drums that could almost be Jane's Addiction (almost), "Zombie Like Lovers" works up to a pretty good clip, but elsewhere listeners will do well to avoid nodding off. If it's any consolation, though, it sounds like the Warlocks aren't faring a whole lot better.


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