Imagine four Kim Gordons playing spooky, sleepy indie jams and you get the idea of Los Angeles's Warpaint. The all-female quartet made a huge-as-hell splash back in February opening for Akron/Family at Walter's, bewitching most everyone in the crowd with licks from last year's EP, the John Frusciante-produced Exquisite Corpse. Then Warpaint seemingly played every party in Austin at last month's SXSW, further cementing their rock-solid chops and bringing even more fans into the fold. The band has a proper full-length coming out later this year on Rough Trade that will only jolt them higher. Tonight they will be joined by Balaclavas, Buxton and Grandfather Child at Mango's for what could be one of the year's fieriest shows. Catch the gals before they start selling out the town's bigger sheds.


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