Watch the Throne: Jay-Z and Kanye West

Jay-Z and Kanye West are arguably the two biggest, baddest rap stars on planet Earth. So when they Team America-ed up for the opulent, plush, very good, but not immediately classic, Watch The Throne earlier this year, naturally, it shook a little. The album was mesmerizing, praised by some critics for somehow being bare bones in its extravagance, while simultaneously being beaten up by others for being extravagant in its bare bones-ness. Even the process made news, with it somehow avoiding being leaked, much to the chagrin of the MP3 hawks of the post-Napster generation. Now? Now the tour, a spectacle as big as its raconteur provocateurs, comes rumbling into town, elephants through the jungle looking for Shere Khan. There will be lasers, and there will be hits, and there will be ego, and there will be ego. The Throne will be watched entirely. And the world — or Houston, at least — will shake a little again.


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