Wayne Static

Wayne Static's life reads like a how-to for the perfect rock star. Start young and cute, winning talent contests playing "Skip to My Lou"? Check. Rise to prominence with a hard, loud sound and an unusual haircut? Check. Marry a pornstar? Check. All kidding aside, the front man of Static X has a hell of an album in his first solo outing, Pighammer. While it's never going to be accused of busting any genre walls or changing the world, as a way to kill brain cells we can think of few more enjoyable methods. That old industrial genius is there, elevating the songs from merely metal to a futuristic war cry that is nonstop in its intensity. The thunderous opus is a twisted send-up of the famous Twilight Zone episode in which a normal woman in a universe full of pig-faced people tries and fails to fit in through plastic surgery. Static turns this on its sow's ear by playing a plastic surgeon that alters hot chicks into pigs, serving as a perverted mirror to an already perverted mirror. The result is either the truth or the total fracturing of reality. You'll have to go decide which for yourself.

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