We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists is a small band, with just three guys. Three guys and a lot of bawdy nerve. Keith Murray (guitar, lead vocals), Chris Cain (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Dallasite Michael Tapper (drums, backing vocals) say they got together because Chris had a huge crush on Michael, who had a huge crush on Keith. The classic straight-guy isosceles love triangle. There was nothing to do but start a band, of course. That was back in 2000. Since then, they've self-released a couple of EPs and toured the United States and Europe. Earlier this year, the trio's With Love and Squalor was released on Virgin Records, moving the group up from cool and hip rockers to cool and hip rockers with unit sales to worry about. We Are Scientists play something they call "Advanced High Level Sectional Articulation," which is a long and fancy way of saying they care about melodies and try not to have each instrument do the same thing the others are doing. No, not a completely original idea, but something fewer and fewer rock bands are doing these days. With Love and Squalor is a fun, if slightly predictable, romp. The 12-track collection isn't groundbreaking, but it sure does sound fresh -- and fun, damn it. Fans can expect more of the same during the We Are Scientists stage show, along with a few hints about who's still crushing on whom.


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