We Are the Hollow Men

Why anyone would want to have a combination art opening/six-band screamfest anywhere besides an old warehouse abutting the railyards due north of Buffalo Bayou is beyond me — all ages welcome, alcohol aplenty and no annoying neighbors calling the cops to complain about the noise. Best of all, no 2 a.m. curfew means this one will rage until at least four, or longer if the booze holds out. The prospects get better still looking at the lineup, a primo sampling of the current A-list of sneering, leering, overcaffeinated Bayou City bands. Scene standard-­bearers the Fatal Flying Guilloteens headline fresh off three and a half stars for October's Quantum Fucking in the new Spin, who calls the quintet's third LP "some of the most convincingly menacing garage punk the underground has puked up in years." Legal issues may force Houston's favorite under-21 rockers the Dimes to soon change their name, but Saturday's set should be loaded with the same glittering guitar-pop gems and racehorse rhythms — many from a possible new album next year — that stuffed Sound Exchange earlier this month. The Jonbenét's skronky, somewhat bluesy six-string yelps and bleats, meanwhile, should sound right at home alongside all that scrap metal. Grant Olney and the Broken Down Gospel, the Riff Tiffs and B round out a night — a late, late night at that — of industrial-strength tunes in an über-industrial setting. — Chris Gray


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