We Know It's 8 a.m. Get Some Sleep.

We Know It's 8 a.m. Get Some Sleep.

The Houston Press keeps your humble reporter chained to his computer late at night in an attempt to glean from the Internet new and exciting music from the tube of you in order to add a little audiovisual happiness in your life each morning. [Ed. Note: Hey, we offered him the gig and he took it.] But as fun as songs about cat butthole and shitty nu-metal singers getting whacked in the face can be, we'd like to take a moment an educate you rock and rollers about sleep debt, the cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep. Yes, this city is full of fine music, but a Washington University study has shown a link between sleep debt and Alzheimer's. So while we all appreciate you chugging a Red Bill and partying until dawn, for your own safety make sure you set aside some time to catch up on your rest. So let's take a cue from Yo Gabba Gabba and illustrate the point with a music video by Greg Enenstein and Patrick Shoop called "Sleep Debt's Gonna Bring You Down." Take care of yourselves, and visit this Web site for more information on sleep deprivation.


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