Weird Weeds

With a hushed structure similar to that of their avant-pop contemporaries Xiu Xiu, the eclectic sound of Austin's Weird Weeds takes things even further into the stoned spectrum, like something you might hear in a toy store filled with vintage cuckoo clocks. As might be expected, the band has strong improvisational skills, highlighted when the trio (percussionist Nick Hennies, guitarist Aaron Russell and guitarist-harpsichordist Sandy Ewen) engages in strange musical conversations to fill in the sonic blanks.

Despite the Weeds' steering away from the conventionally "pop" methods of songwriting and structure on their debut release, Hold Me, it's an overall delightful listen. But only when you experience Weird Weeds in their natural element - on stage, where spontaneity reigns supreme - do you get something that's totally mind-blowing.


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