What Are Your Favorite Sneakers Ever?
Photo illustration by John Seaborn Gray

What Are Your Favorite Sneakers Ever?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday that isn't a national holiday (or thereabouts), Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: ESG, John Dew, Chuckway, Hollywood Floss, Show, Killa Kyleon, Delo, Fat Tony

Not Invited: Phil Knight

This Week's Prompt: In honor of the Sneaker Summit, what are your three favorite sneakers of all time?

ESG: Jordans, Blazers, Air Force Ones. Oh yeah, a pair of leather Chucks is a must.

John Dew: Jordan II (Eleven) because that was the season he defined his legacy in the shoe game and basketball; patent leather, need I say more? (1995)

  • Nike Air Trainer (Bo Jackson Shoe) introduced the new cross country style of shoe. Remember Prostars Cartoon? (1991)
  • Deion Sanders Diamond Turf [because] strap across the top changed the game. (1994)
  • Honorable Mentions: Reebok Blackturf Hexalite forced Nike to revamp their Flight Brand and Reebok Pump forced Nike to make a modified version of the pump.

Chuckway: I own about 70 pair of Chucks and some Timbs, but if I had to wear another type of sneakers it would be Jordans or the old school Adidas.

Chuckway also sent in this photo with his answer. That's a lot of shoes.
Chuckway also sent in this photo with his answer. That's a lot of shoes.

Hollywood FLOSS: Jordan 3s (Black/Cement). Spike Lee endorsed them and we fell in love with them. The leather mixed with the elephant print is a great combination and one of a kind

  • Penny 1/Foamposite. I couldn't pick a clear winner between the two, but these two from the Penny collection are a must have from the collection. The original Foamposites were the first shoes to ever mold your feet as you wore them. Dope technology.
  • Nike Air Trainer SC. Bo Jackson. 'Nuff Said.
What Are Your Favorite Sneakers Ever?

Show: Jordans, Forces and Chucks, mid or higher. No other sneakers compare in my book.

Killa Kyleon: My three favorite are the black Air Jordan Cement 3s, the LeBron 8s and the Nike SC Trainer Bo Jacksons, New York color, way orange and blue.

Delo: Stan Smith Adidas [are] classics. A white pair will go with whatever. Air Max '95 [are] forever an exclusive show. Still fly. And for my third pick, any Ken Griffey or Penny Hardaways (Foamposites). I'm old school. These new kicks suck [laughs].

Damn, black Chucks gotta fit in there somewhere. They're simple like myself.

Fat Tony: Vans, Vans, and Vans, specifically the Vans Authentic shoe. Because.... they are..... warm on my feet.

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