What Numbers' Real-Estate Listing Should Really Say

What Numbers' Real-Estate Listing Should Really Say
Photo illustrations by Monica Fuentes

This week Houston's goth, alternative and dance communities were rocked with the thought of Numbers losing its lease and - as one rumor has it - possibly being sold to the Pappa's regime to build a restaurant where Houston's grimiest nightclub now stands. (To which we'd just like to add: Good luck with that.)

Obviously people are up in arms over the matter. Earlier this week, Rocks Off staffers spoke with Numbers management, who said they were fighting to keep the location theirs. We thought he realtor's ad for the site that touched off this whole thing and boasted some of the building's more inviting elements ("Large Parking Area"!), felt a little... incomplete.

So, naturally, Rocks Off made up our own listing for perspective buyers of the affectionately named "Scumbers" to peruse. Check it out here.

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