What Your Favorite Album Covers Say About You

What Your Favorite Album Covers Say About You

So you’ve got some new friends over to your place, and you’re showing them around. You casually drop comments like “Oh, you know, there’s the bookshelf, those are my records…The kitchen is over here.” Sure, you’re as smooth and cool as cucumber water, but secretly you hope that at some point they’ll take a peek at that record collection. It’s only natural.

We all have an innate desire to tell our story. The albums we buy help us tell that story — not only through the content, but the covers themselves. Like dummies, we stash them away, only to be seen by those curious enough to snoop through our stuff. Your favorite musicians have curated and commissioned works of art that represent what they’re about so that we, in turn, can let them represent us. Along with music videos, album covers are our main visual link to the things we listen to, and as such bear a heavy responsibility to aesthetically appeal to the right people.

With all that being said, let’s take a look at some art pieces and find out what they would say about a person.

Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit
Courtney Barnett, sticking to the loose, DIY feel of her songs, drew this cover herself. Her perspective is all skewed, she colors way outside the lines, and intentionally stylized the words in all-lowercase letters, as if she couldn’t be bothered to hit the Shift key (even though it’s handwritten). All in all, it looks as if it was sketched out in a matter of minutes, on the bus, on the way to turn in the completed album.

What This Album Cover Says About You: You approach music and art through the lens of “Hell, I could do that,” and you may just be right.

What Your Favorite Album Covers Say About You

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The Beatles (The White Album)
Sure, sure, it’s supposed to be some kind of empty canvas to project your own interpretation onto, but what does it mean? Who knows? It’s not up to us to understand the Beatles — our only role is to stare slackjawed into the light and glory that are these four boys from Liverpool.

What This Album Cover Says About You: Whatever you want it to say, man. The true art is the spaces in between.

What Your Favorite Album Covers Say About You

Detached, cold, angular. Here, David Bowie gazes stoically into the sharp-contrast black and white distance. He has been caught in some sort of ceremonial pose and has no opinion on what he sees. Whatever it is, his mismatched pupils reveal it must have some otherworldly light source. Might explain the pose. The cold cover doesn’t do justice to the warmth of Bowie’s voice within — or does it? Actually, the lighting on the back wall suggests an internal glow, particularly bright in the area nearest his mouth.

What This Album Cover Says About You: At one point you got really into Netflix-ing silent German films from the Weimar era.

What Your Favorite Album Covers Say About You

Let’s Get It On
This guy looks like he’s having a Gaye old time. Too filled with excitement to stand still for a photo shoot, Marvin Gaye jumps up and down while the photographer tries to catch him at his least blurry. But there’s no containing the ecstatic pleasure of Let’s Get It On. At that point, all you can really do is make a cool circle-based font and print the thing.

What This Album Cover Says About You: You’re ready to get it on, and by golly are you happy about it.

What Your Favorite Album Covers Say About You

The Dark Side of the Moon
Congratulations, you are a bona fide record collector now. Anyone with any amount of records, be it ten or 1,000, has this on his or her shelf. That’s not without good reason — this is a cool-looking cover of a universally praised album. Invoking science, space, geometry and free love with simply a prism refracting light is an impressive feat. Plus it’s mostly black, which means it’s absolutely perfect for T-shirts.

What This Album Cover Says About You: You’ve been to a record store at least one time.

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