Where Are We Is "Grease Monkey" Peeing?

Where Are We Is "Grease Monkey" Peeing?
Photos by Craig Hlavaty

Do you get laid much if you call yourself the "Grease Monkey"? We're not asking to be flippant or funny; we really want to know for real. Does that work even if you are married? Is there a Mrs. Grease Monkey, who washes your greasy clothes and sleeps in the same bed with you every night, falling out onto the floor because the sheets are so slippery? Do you have baby Grease Monkeys? What nationality is Grease Monkey?

Where Are We Is "Grease Monkey" Peeing?

We took these pictures while getting crawfish this past Tuesday at bar a bit out of our Inner-Loop jurisdiction. It's big and red and reminds us of a barn, but with plasma screens everywhere. It's not a bad place - they have a good burger menu and the crawfish were seasoned just right.

Though we probably didn't look the picture of superb health, what with smoking one of those ten-minute American Spirits while shucking our crawdads. You can take the quasi-redneck out of the suburbs, but you can't take the dirty scumbag out of the quasi-redneck.

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