Which Houston Rapper Would Make The Best Mayor?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday that isn't a national holiday, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

Slim Thug: "Me, of course."

This Week's Panel: Trae, Bun B, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, ESG, Doughbeezy, Delo, Kritikal, Kyle Hubbard, hasHBRown, KAB, Starchy Arch and more.

Not Invited: Annise Parker

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This Week's Prompt: Unlce Luke is officially running for mayor of Miami. Which Houston rapper should be mayor here? To make this tougher, you cannot vote for Bun B.

Trae: I wouldn't pick one then?

Rocks Off: Ooh, good answer. A lawless, government-less society then? We're sure you'd get along just fine like that.

Trae: Yup.

hasHBrown: You rang? [Note: Hash actually has a CD titled Rap Mayor.]

Doughbeezy: Kritikal.

KAB: I say the homie Z-Ro; realest nigga doin' it in the city for years.

Delo: Kritikal.

Rocks Off: You're the second person to mention Kritkal. Why?

Delo: The boy has knowledge. He doesn't just recite stuff he hears; you can tell he really researches what he says. And he speaks with substance and not afraid of a reaction.

Which Houston Rapper Would Make The Best Mayor?

Kyle Hubbard: Trae. He's our revolutionary. He broke away from the tyranny of radio and continued to prosper without ever flinching.

ESG: K-Rino. Let some real niggas run the city.

Kritikal: No biases. I should be mayor. But I will share my mayoral duties with K-Rino or ESG.

Starchy Arch: If you're not over 30, you don't qualify; not in the game long enough. Easy answer: Scarface.

Renzo: I would choose Paul Wall because he collabs with everybody. That means he knows how to use his resources to make things happen.

Herney: If I can't go with Bun, I'd pick Trae. Next to Bun, Trae has the biggest connection to the people. He'd be a suitable leader versus any of the OGs. His voters [are] the streets. He's closer to the people. He'd relate directly to us, which would make a great mayor.

Slim Thug: Me, of course.

Rocks Off: Of course.

Tawn P: It'd be between Scarface, Devin the Dude and Z-Ro.

Bun B: K-Rino.

B L A C K I E: I thought Mike Jones was the mayor already [laughs].

Paul Wall: I think Slim Thug would make a good mayor.

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