Which Other Musicians Should Start Tea Parties?

Which Other Musicians Should Start Tea Parties?

The continued persecution of Nelson, Willie for the smoking of weed in the name of being a laid-back national treasure has spawned the Teapot Party. Get it?

Rocks Off got to wondering who else will harness Willie's lightning.

R. Kelly: The Tea Cup Party

R. Kelly has spent the better part of the last decade defending himself against allegations of doing that thing with minors that you're not supposed to do with minors.

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The most famous, and famously parodied, accusation was a video that (allegedly) showed Kelly having sex and urinating on a 14-year-old girl.

Now, Kelly claimed the man in the video wasn't him, and was declared not guilty in 2008, but surely he could have boosted his career by becoming the out-and-proud spokesman of the golden shower enthusiasts.

Thus would have been born the Teacup Party... because they like to C-U-P.

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