White Denim

We first got wind of the White Denim with 2007's self-released EP, Let's Talk About It. Its snaky blues rhythms and manic funk drumbeats instantly made White Denim one of the most promising bands that year. They continued that forward momentum with extensive touring, especially in Europe, where their brand of indie-funk was embraced with open arms. Back home they were still beloved, winning "Best New Band" at the 2008 Austin Music Awards and playing SXSW and CMJ every go-round. Their musical output has come in fits and starts, with stints as a purely independent group, as well as with RCRD LBL and now their current label, Downtown Records, which is also home to Cold War Kids, Major Lazer and Kid Sister, among many others. White Denim's latest, the singularly named D, is more of the White Denim that we know and love, only this time there is a fine, vinyl patina on the works, built to be heard melting out of your turntable, especially standout cuts "Drug" and "Anvil Everything." Be sure to seek out their Jack White-produced Live at Third Man release on the erstwhile White Stripe's own label. It's basically a live take on D, give or take one or two songs.


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