Why Shouldn't the Zombie Apocalypse Have a Playlist?

Game of Thrones agrees that the time is near.
Game of Thrones agrees that the time is near.

Yeah, yeah, we all know it's 2012. Apparently the end of the world is near. The apocalypse is coming. Or better yet, a zombie apocalypse is coming.

If you aren't so in touch as to what the hell a zombie even is, it's the living dead, and they are scary as can be. I have my roommate and good friend to think for that one. She always has The Walking Dead playing on the TV.

First off, I'm just a scaredy-cat, so it took quite a while for me to get used to this show. I'm still not used to idea of zombies walking down the streets and causally eating human flesh.

Hell, I'm still scared of the dark. But a zombie apocalypse just happens to be that scenario of armies of the undead engaging in the general and not-so-subtle assault on humans and their civilization. Fun, right?

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Nope, wrong.

But after watching Game of Thrones, I even noticed that a zombie army is on the move. I would really like to know what on earth is up with all the zombie shit going on right now.

But TV shows and movies really seem to think that a zombie apocalypse is on the way, or else it just rakes in a lot of money. Regardless, I figured why not make a zombie apocalypse playlist for y'all? Mind as well get prepared or in the right mindset.

"No One Knows," Queens of the Stone Age

As QOTSA states, you'll get some basic rules to follow. I'm assuming that means everything the entertainment industry has installed into our minds about the zombie apocalypse. We should probably take these guidelines to heart, but when the actual moment comes we will finally know. As for now, no one knows what is going to happen exactly.

"The Living Dead," Phantom Planet

I think this song just kind of sums up the entire human race's situation as for when the zombie apocalypse begins. As the lyrics state, "those good old day are dead and gone." Literally. It's clear to say this song is the overall theme to the zombie apocalypse. So study up on those lyrics.

"Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)," Arcade Fire

I know we'll all need some inspiration to get us running. You'll need to get in shape, but something tells me when a horde of zombies starts to chase you; you won't be holding anything back. If you go out into the night to find some light, like lead singer Win Butler sings, I'm sure you'll be running your ass off.

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