Wild Moccasins, Buxton, Ghost Mountain

"Zoom in, keep balanced on the edge of the bar, don't flash underage boys your underwear. Forgetting something, must be...oh! Take the picture." A situation like this is a lot for a seasoned vet, let alone a rookie intern. But such is the state of affairs one finds herself in sometimes, especially at a packed-out tour-kickoff show for one of Houston's best up-and-comers, the Wild Moccasins. Now they're back, and the quintet's welcome-home show will no doubt be just as packed. Armed with road-seasoned versions of regular crowd favorites such as "Spanish and Jazz," "Mailman" and "Fruit Tea," surely the Moccasins have saved a surprise pop thrill or two for their hometown crowd. But the fun and merriment don't end there. Marking the release of their "Feathers/Flint" 7-inch EP are scene regulars Buxton, who should require no introduction. With songs like "Feathers," "Jackalope" and "Joseph Collins," it's safe to say when it comes to music — whether lilting folk or harder-edged rock — these boys know what the hell they're doing. Ghost Mountain rounds out this bill studded with local stars.


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