Win a Songwriting Session With Guy Clark... For a Price

Imagine getting some pointers on the links from Tiger Woods, cooking lessons from Bobby Flay or a one-on-one session with Bernie Madoff where the infamous Wall Street financier explains how to bilk investors out of millions of dollars. When it comes to songwriting, especially of the Texas persuasion, Guy Clark is every bit a master in his field as those guys are in theirs, and in conjunction with Clark's forthcoming album Somedays the Song Writes You, his label Dualtone Records is giving away a co-writing session with the man behind "Texas Cookin'," "L.A. Freeway," "Dublin Blues" and oh so many more. But just like a lesson with those three, this one ain't free either. Dualtone wants you to submit your best song or songs; start the process here. More details on the contest and the label's snail-mail address are here. The fee is $35 for the first song and $9 for each additional entry. Winners will be announced on Somedays' release date, September 22.


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