Winter Wallace

In Winter Wallace's new Holiday, Sara Van Buskirk's The Place Where You Are has some stiff competition for 2010's best local female singer-songwriter LP. Each of Holiday's seven tracks, recorded at SugarHill Studios, is built with such intricacy and clarity it's hard not to press repeat just to take the journey again. Songs like family snapshot "Marionette" and the foot-­stomping "Here's to Everything" are propelled by Wallace's subdued Regina Spektor-like holler. The creation of the album wasn't without its ups and downs, though. "I've been uncomfortable, angry, devastated, delighted, euphoric, bemused, embarrassed and just plain content during the making of this album," Wallace says. For all the joy and strife that Wallace describes, she's still created a hell of a collection. "I've put my heart and soul into this album," she swears, and listeners can hear that in every chord and phrase.


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