Wolfmother, the bombastic trio of Andrew Stockdale (guitar/vocals), Chris Ross (bass/keyboards) and Myles Heskett (drums), have been performing together since 2004. Then in 2006 their self-titled full-length debut landed the native Australians on the music scene with all the subtlety of Conan the Barbarian leaping on Thulsa Doom in a wrestling match to the death. For sheer power, fury and bigness of sound in a non-metal group, it's hard to top Wolfmother. Sabbath and Zep are constant comparisons, but Kyuss and Blue Cheer are more accurate. Stockdale reportedly settled on his high-pitched wails after failing to sound like Henry Rollins. And unlike the irony-fueled antics of The Darkness (forgotten them already?), Wolfmother's large themes and mystical musings on ages past, with self-explanatory titles like "White Unicorn," "Dimension," "Joker & the Thief" and "Witchcraft," are played straight. It's not retro-rock, but new music in a classic vein, la countrymates Jet -- though Wolfmother may have the more, shall we say, devoted fans. One Wolfmother enthusiast was thrown out of a show for masturbating under the stage during the band's set. Let's see that happen during a Men at Work concert.


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