Woodbelly is really just three chubby guys having a good time -- and taking the audience along for the ride.
Matt Taylor

The Dallas-based trio known as Woodbelly says they perform reggae music with a bit of Hank Williams, Sr., and Stevie Wonder thrown in. Oh, and a bit of Louis Armstrong and Parliament Funkadelic, too. Ah, okay. Whatever you call what they play, Woodbelly is really just three chubby white guys (Cas Haley, Ben Drake and Brandon Morris) that like to have a good time and have figured out how to make a few bucks playing music. But don't underestimate them. They have the chops and even the formal music education to back it all up -- they just don't have that elusive star quality. Will Woodbelly ever fill stadiums? Probably not. But they do fill beer joints very nicely.

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