Write On: Rocks Off Looking for New Bloggers

Write On: Rocks Off Looking for New Bloggers

So, you like music. Hey, good for you. Maybe you've even written about it on a blog. Even better. Perhaps you even have a little background in writing. Tremendous. To quote a famous wartime poster: Rocks Off wants you.

We are seeking a few good writers to add to our staff of bloggers. While we do a lot of live show reviews, we are specifically looking for people who can come up with interesting ideas about local, regional and national music and turn them into interesting stories.

You don't need to have a bunch of technical expertise, but you do need to be a good writer with good ideas. Send your resume, at least three story ideas (a paragraph pitch will suffice for each) and some samples of your work to rsd@houstonpress.com and maybe you can join the team. Boo yah!

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