Wu-Tang Clan

From the slums of Shao-Lin, Wu-Tang Clan strikes again! Maybe. With scheduled hip-hop shows here canceling with some regularity over the past year or so, it's still hard for us to believe this is happening. But at least as of this writing, Houston will get a performance from the mostly reunited Wu-Tang members Sunday at Numbers. It won't be a full reunion, as two members of the group birthed in Staten Island in 1992 are currently indisposed, one permanently. Beloved Clansman Ol' Dirty Bastard passed away in 2004 after a long battle with life and sanity, while mastermind/producer the RZA is off making movies with Russell Crowe in China. Still, what's left is a collection of some of the best and brightest voices, verses and personas ever recorded: Method Man, Raekwon the Chef, GZA, Ghostface Killah and so forth. Exhibit A is the group's epochal debut LP, 1993's Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). If that doesn't move you, there's a sizable stack of mixtapes and solo albums for you to listen to, and 1997's colossal double set Wu-Tang Forever for dessert. The Wu-Tang median age has now hit 40, and the Clan only seems to be getting more influential as time goes by.


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