Wu-Tang Clan

The Wu-Tang Clan's members — RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface, Inspectah, U-God, Masta, Ol' Dirty Bastard and sometimes Cappadonna — are hip-hop divinity. That is not a postulation or a thesis statement. That, frogs and ma'ams, is fact. Their influence is unending. Their style is timeless. Their sound is legendary. Their sound is legendary. Nearly everything anyone in rap has done since 1993 can be traced back to them. And this Thursday, nearly full fury (RIP, ODB), they will come karate-chopping and verb-slurring to the House of Blues. Nobody knows exactly what to expect (when Method Man came to the House of Blues in 2009, it ended with a lady suing him for allegedly shooting her with a pellet gun), but that's part of the fun.


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