With this year's Odd Blood, Brooklyn-based Yeasayer has taken the next step in indie tech-folk domination, joining the ranks of their neighborhood's own Grizzly Bear with what is already one of the year's most lauded albums. Blood is a solid sophomore release more than improving on 2007's All Hour Cymbals; chances are good that you have heard the Peter Gabriel-biting single "Ambling Alp" in clothing boutiques and sushi joints for the past few months. For the new album, Yeasayer enjoyed the trappings of a bigger budget and longer recording span, meaning that — as the band tells it — they could craft Blood for maximum ass-shaking effect. Yeasayer can bring the booty bump when they want. Hell, even Kanye West digs these guys. His incident with Taylor Swift aside, that's not such a bad thing. Maybe he will rush the stage at the NME awards show in the band's honor...


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