If you took Eminem in 2000, at the height of his post-Marshall Mathers LP artistic zenith, fed him a handful of Adderall and made him grow his hair into a 'do that would make Win Butler jealous, you get Yelawolf, Alabama's newest musical savior, but with about ten pounds of added muscle, and nearly no smirk. Beloved by women as much as men, for mostly the same reasons, the "tatted-up skater with a trailer-park twang" has been the topic of much discussion in rap circles since he first hit the scene, captivating audiences with his slurry-to-frantic cadence (heavy on punkish howls), and bringing it all on home with a killer live show. He's been selling out venues left and right, including a gig at Warehouse Live this past November. At that show, the self-described white-trash heartthrob dropped the apocalyptic Radioactive, scoring a smash with the Kid Rock-assisted "Let's Roll."


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