Young Mammals

Young Mammals release a new seven-inch Friday night at Walter's — the locals' first new music since 2010's heavily praised LP Carrots — giving longtime fans a taste of where the group is in 2012. Local custom label Bombs By Mail is putting out the two-song release, which sports vividly pink and canine illustrations by Eyesore. "Landlady" was recorded with prolific local producer Steve Christensen, while B-side "Optometrist" is the product of a Brooklyn session with French Kicks' Nick Stumpf a few years back. They also have a batch of eight or so other songs already written, some ready for recording and others still in gestation. The Mammals are proud of their democratic structure that has evolved since they debuted on Houston's indie-rock map in the mid-'00s as the Dimes, allowing more varied influences (Springsteen, the Isley Brothers) to seep into the mix. Guitarist Cley Miller says he hopes the band's next full-length will be completed by the end of the year for an early 2013 release.


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