Young the Giant

Young the Giant possesses songwriting wisdom and craft far beyond that of a band whose oldest member is only 22 years old. The California quintet is made up of guys who started playing music at a young age and have already amassed more indie-rock cred and mainstream clout than some players who have been at it twice as long. The band changed its name from the Jakes in 2009, the same year they won an online contest to open for Kings of Leon in Chicago, which did not hurt their fortunes at all. Young the Giant's quirky indie-rock rhythms, mixed with Sameer Gadhja's soulful lounge-singer croon, create moving and poignant ballads with just a hint of danceability. Just off a nationwide tour with Minus the Bear, Young the Giant is set to have a long, successful career, as long as the allure of going back to college doesn't get in the way.


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