Yourself and The Air

Precious and precocious in equal measures, Chicago five-piece Yourself and The Air has benefited from a groundswell of hometown support that is just starting to translate into national exposure. Newly equipped with a prominent booking agent and towing the glowing EP Friends of All Breeds, the band is thriving in a low-key sort of way that befits such soft, introspective guitar-pop. Beneath so much bedtime twinkling, the songs recall several beloved bands, from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah to Modest Mouse; "Heart Strings" actually sounds like the late cult outfit 764 Hero. Mostly, though, the EP finds Yourself and The Air ironing out the lingering '90s wrinkles in its sound and settling on something more organic and whimsical. Erick Crosby's unique voice snakes comfortably around the band's stop-start dynamics and cloudy extras, and a recent Daytrotter session shows increasing promise for the band's malleable delivery.


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