Zechs Marquise

Those who thought the Mars Volta was complex and strange will probably feel even more challenged by Zechs Marquise. Formed in 2003 by two brothers of Mars Volta co-founder Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and rounded out by two childhood friends, Zechs Marquise walks a similarly impressionistic path — not surprising, considering that drummer Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez also plays percussion in the Mars Volta. Marcel and his brother Marfred (bass), and the band's two other members (who play guitar), don't disregard genres as much as they genetically engineer them into new mutant forms. And much like, say, a frog that has a third eye in its mouth or a cat with extra toes, Zechs Marquise compositions have recognizable shapes, but something's a little off about them. Like the more famous group of the eldest Rodriguez-Lopez (but without a singer), Zechs Marquise revamps psychedelic and avant-garde influences drawn from music, film and literature into a kind of postmodern prog. Zechs's sensory-inverting approach makes psychedelic drugs unnecessary, as the music will surely mess your head up all by itself.


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