Zepfest 2004, Featuring No Quarter

As recently as a couple of years ago, Led Zeppelin was sometimes seen as something of a joke, an exemplar of Spinal Tap-ian excess and all things unironic, a band loved only by geeks, grayhairs and heshers -- the mullet crowd, in other words. What a difference a DVD makes. Though their redemption was already well under way, How the West Was Won vaulted the mystical Brit blues rockers back to the top of the misty mountain where they've always belonged. Back in 2000 or thereabouts, it would have been hard to imagine a show like this at an Inner Loop club, but Seattle's No Quarter has realized the dream of all tribute bands. Namely, that the objects of their imitation have come to epitomize hip again. Rev up your inner Jack Blacks and rock!


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