1 In 5 Texas Republicans Support Secession; 1 In 5 Texans Support Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens: Texas does not have your back

Public Policy Polling is a respected firm that recently did a survey on the governor's race and other political matters.

They threw in some other questions, too, and found some intriguing results. A full 21 percent of Texas Republicans support secession, for instance.

Think about it -- one out of every five Texas Republicans hates America so much they want to leave it. What would Lee Greenwood think?

Just as bad as the news about traitors is the news for Roger Clemens fans.

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Only 19 percent of Texans had a positive view of The Rocket, "and by a 37/15 margin they think he used steroids to prolong his career," the survey says. The results showed 27 percent of respondents had a negative view.

On the plus side for Clemens, 48 percent "had no opinion" on whether he used performance enhancing drugs.

Texans hate The Rocket, Texas Republicans hate America -- end times, indeed.

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