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99-Cent Flat-Screen TVs: What Could Go Wrong?

If you've got a spare $1.07 (or is it $1.08? We're not sure if they round up or down), then you can get yourself a new flat-screen TV this St. Patrick's Day.

Warning: You may have to wait in line for a while.

The 99 Cents Only chain -- surely one of the best 99-cent chains out there, and cheaper than the Only a $1 rip-offs -- is opening its 20th store in Houston and is celebrating by offering LCD televisions for only 99 cents.

The catch: Only the first nine people who ask for them will get them.

The TVs are a $200 value, the chain claims, but we're betting that's a bit high in terms of a comparison. Still, it's not every day you get the chance to buy an actual, in-its-original-packaging, 19-inch TV for less than a buck.

The store is located at 8330 Broadway, near Hobby Airport.

Don't despair if you are tenth in line: The next 99 customers can buy a $25 scooter for only 99 cents. Okay, maybe despair a bit.

In what can only be described as the law of diminishing returns, the next 99 customers can purchase what the chain claims is a $25 computer mouse for 99 cents.

Not exactly the iPad 2, but we guess if you need a mouse and times are really tough....


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