A Different Kind Of Lawnmower Man

John Nova Lomax's story on

Kenneth Page

, who set out to ride a lawnmower from Texas to Florida, has gotten a lot of well-deserved kudos.

But we're afraid it can't hold a candle to this lawnmower-riding guy. It's apparently been bouncing around the net for a while, but it's new to us.

Favorite bit of dialogue between the police officer and the drunk lawnmower rider:

"Steve," the officer says, "How many times I gotta tell you you can't be driving down the road drinking on a lawnmower?"

"I'm just going down to the oyster shack, man, come on."

Steve eventually decides he's not going to be arrested today and tries to putter away, as the cop walks next to him warning that he's about to be tasered.

Which he then is, entertainingly.

Anyway, guys and their lawnmowers: It's an odd world out there.


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