A History of Houston's Testosterone-Fueled Art

Beyond Thunderdome
Urban Animals founder Scott Prescott's Ghetto Blaster didn't have an engine, but it did have a flamethrower.

Urge Overkill
Scott Gordon may have been the first to decorate his car ... with another car.

Repo Men
At the Art Car Ball, Louis Perrin and Noah Edmundson ripped this car apart like a baked potato. Then they entered it in the parade

Men with Guns
Ed Wilson and Dorman David named this idyllic mobile meadow for the Grassy Knoll from which Kennedy was shot.

Post-Climactic Stress Disorder
"I shot my wad," Troy Engel says, in front of the judges' table. His car broke down, but he beat Scranton out for first.

Botulism To Go
Paul Kittelson and Noah Edmundson want to know, why leave home without meat?

Fruit of the Loom
Mark Bradford's car may look macho, but underneath the scales he's used a basket-weaving technique.

No Stopping Them
Though three men were needed to drive it, Jeff Poss and posse thought of everything for their slick Inchworm -- except brakes.

Pardon Me, Your Roots Are Showing
Scranton says of his Border Patrol, "That's when everyone started to think we were a bunch of rednecks."

Boy Toy
Brian McCarty's Slingshot, rigged with garage-door springs, snapped shut when he hit the brakes -- but hey, at least it had brakes.

Top or Bottom?
Dennis Clay hatched the idea for Double Trouble at Warren's Inn, a historic watering hole for the truly macho.

Circle Jerk
Gary Strube's group hunted down and killed the wild Corvair for their revolving Trophy Car.

Screw You
A feminist's answer to macho -- Patrice Yourdon covered her car with a carpet of screws, all pointing out.


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