A Houston Connection To That Mumbai Terror Attack

It's a bright day of publicity for one Houston firm -- they're getting written up in papers and on websites all over the globe.

On the other hand, they're getting written up for a (somewhat tenuous) connection with the horrific terrorist attacks in Mumbai last year, so it's not an unvarnished honor.

According to recent news reports, a VoIP phone service, CallPhonex, whose service provider and domain name are reportedly in Houston, were used by terrorists to contact one another. The news reports say that Pakistani investigators traced a payment made from Islamabad to buy CallPhonex SIM cards.

Last month, The New York Times reported that the terrorists' handlers used the phone numbers purchased from CallPhonex to call one of the terrorists' cell phone in India.

Houston -- where the discerning terrorist turns when he wants the best in business support.

There's no phone number or address on the CallPhonex website, so we can't tell how they're taking all this.

The Houston F.B.I. field office says that the bureau in Los Angeles is handling the investigation. We're waiting to hear back from the L.A. office.

-- Chris Vogel

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