A New Reveille for Texas A&M

A New Reveille for Texas A&M

Reveille VII, the collie that has served as a mascot for Texas A&M University for seven years, is retiring. Purely as a protest for the firing of Dennis Franchione, we’re sure. A&M has appointed a committee to determine whether the next Reveille should be a collie too, or whether it’s time to go with a different type of dog. We’re here to help.

Fifi: She may look like pampered, soft, decadent Eurotrash, but put the A&M banner on her and she’s fearsome. Also, please change the A&M colors to pink and puce.

Reveille Toujours: Ditch that hayseed image in an instant with the elegant, cultured look a poodle provides. John Mackovic reportedly tried to replace Bevo with one of these back in his UT days.

A New Reveille for Texas A&M

Wrinkles: Just like the A&M football program, this Shar-Pei is saggy, baggy and bored. He also has the sad countenance that comes with hiring a retread like Mike Sherman as your head coach.

Da Dogg: Blinged out, pissed, probably full of steroids: The face of the future at Kyle Field. We’re sure he’ll get his degree, too.

A New Reveille for Texas A&M

Ol’ Baldy: College football is all about speed, and this guy here is all about aerodynamics. Not to mention showing off his doggie penis.

Triumph: The traditions of Kyle Field, College Station and the 12th Man are all very good…for me to (come on, you know the rest).

-- Richard Connelly


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