Don't get that helmet wet!!
Don't get that helmet wet!!

A&M's Bumpy Start to the SEC Era: La. Tech Game Postponed

So the Aggies have turned tail and decided they can't face the mighty Louisiana Tech (looking it up....looking it up...BULLDOGS!) in the first game of the school's SEC Era.

And yeah, we know La Tech is not part of the SEC, but it is in SEC Country and it is the first game A&M was scheduled to play after switching with much fanfare to the highest-profile football conference in the land.

Both schools say Hurricane Isaac is at fault, but frankly, if you're going to let a little Cat 1 storm named after a Love Boat character stop your march to the title, maybe you're not made for the SEC anyway.

"I know Coach (Kevin) Sumlin and our Aggie football team were ready to play, but the safety and well-being of our Aggie fans, our student-athletes as well as the residents of Louisiana is paramount," Texas A&M Director of Athletics Eric Hyman said.

"Our primary concern was for the health and safety of the general public, students and fans of both institutions," LA Tech Athletics Director Bruce Van De Velde said. "It's impossible to predict exactly what is going to happen throughout the state, so we also wanted to be conscientious of the possible effects of this storm on residents throughout Louisiana."

The two teams will now meet October 13, assuming there aren't sprinkles in the area.

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