Breaks up robbery, gets run over
Breaks up robbery, gets run over

Abo Obyb Abdel-Salaam, 42, Bayou Body Count No. 197

Two men have been accused of killing the owner of a convenience store they were trying to rob by running over him with a vehicle.

Abo Obyb Abdel-Salaam, 42, owned a Chevron convenience store on the far west side and was working there about 10 p.m. Friday night. Police say he discovered Curtos Odette Robinson, 21, trying to steal items and forcibly evicted him from the store.

He then began fighting with Robinson and Albert Lee Hall, 25, who had been outside in a vehicle.

"Robinson then went back to his vehicle, got into the driver's seat and drove the vehicle towards Abdel-Salaam," police say. "Robinson struck Abdel-Salaam and then ran over him with both the front and rear tires. Hall then got into the vehicle and both suspects fled the scene."

Witnesses provided a description of the vehicle to police, and they soon arrested the pair. Robinson is charged with murder, and Hall with assault.

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