"Anal Play": Heavy breathing in Aggieland
"Anal Play": Heavy breathing in Aggieland

Aggies & "Anal Play": A Nation's Shame

The startling screencap to your left, taken from a KHOU report, shows the degradation and decadence that is overpowering the hallowed campus of Texas A&M.

In deep shadow, perverts watch a TV that, if you look (really) closely, is displaying the title "Anal Play."

Gig `em in the butt!

Notice we can't see anyone's hands in this image -- what these Aggies are doing to themselves, we don't want to imagine.

In any case, the viewers do seem to be paying particularly close attention.

KHOU's report was yet another chance for Aggie Justin Pulliam to express shock and dismay over anything on campus involving sex that is not a) missionary position, b) post-marital and c) intended purely for procreation, no matter how difficult and awkward it is to endure with all those clothes on.

He apparently didn't repeat his quote to KHOU which we highlighted last month: ""Texas A&M should not be using taxpayers', students' and donors' money to teach unchaste sexual behavior to young, unmarried men and women."

This dude needs to get laid.


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