Air Jordans and the madness of crowds
Air Jordans and the madness of crowds

Air Jordan Frenzy: Say What Now? Five Possible Explanations

Huge crowds jammed Houston stores today looking to buy the latest version of the Air Jordan sneaker.

Cops were called out to handle some unruliness connected with having a chance to purchase the $175 Air Jordan 11 Retro sneaker.

Hundreds of people lined up in the hours before stores opened.

There's a whole study here to be made about the mass psychology of crowds and the magical ability of savvy marketers, but we offer five reasons why these shoes are so popular.

5, They have weed in them. Great weed. The sneakers themselves are just a throw-in to the deal.

4. People just want to help a retired NBA player down on his luck. Michael Jordan, once a rich and famous man, has been reduced to selling underwear. While selling underwear is a fine and noble profession for most, it seems a bit unbecoming for someone who made millions. He's obvioulsy in dire financial need, and people respond to that, especially at Christmastime.

3. These sneakers are really good-looking. We've seen them. Next.

2. These sneakers will help you attract sexual partners. "Ooooh -- this dude, or his mother, has the coolness that comes with waiting online for hours outside a Foot Locker to buy some shoes. I hope he has a condom!!"

1. Nike has mastered mind tricks Jedi knights are jealous of. Having see Oregon's football uniforms, we're going with this one.


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