Alejandra Angelita Sanchez: Not to be messed with.
Alejandra Angelita Sanchez: Not to be messed with.
Photo by Harlingen PD

Alejandra Angelita Sanchez: The Mugshot of a Woman You Don't Want (Allegedly) Stalking You

We are not saying that Alejandra Angelita Sanchez is a stalker. Absolutely not.

But judging from her mugshot, if she were a stalker, we wouldn't want her stalking us. There's a level of -- oh, we don't you say...devilish intensity and a will to get things done once she's started them, that is captured in her jailhouse portrait.

Is she even the least bit intimidated by being in a jail, facing charges? Not our Alejandra. Her communication strategy consists not so much of a sneer -- that's far too amateur-hour a ploy for the likes of her -- but a look that conveys that she's trying to hold back a smile at all these fuckers trying to get in her way. And nobody should get in her way,

Plus, there's the whole question of whether she's wearing a shirt or not.

The record is sadly unhelpful in providing much detail about Sanchez's alleged crime.

Harlingen police say only that the 21-year-old was arrested last week for criminal trespass.

So what? Well, cops say the person who called them "stated that a female went to his place of business knowing that she has a criminal trespass warning, which was issued on April 19, 2013."

So we have a) some type of male-female relationship, b) a male-female relationship that has somehow involved "a criminal trespass warning," c) a woman who allegedly ignored the criminal trespass warning in order to criminal-trespass again, and d) a woman who didn't give a rat's ass that it was in public at the guy's place of business.

Like we say, much of this involves speculation that might be wrong but that is still a whole lot of the alphabet.

We can only hope things work out.

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