All About Adam

All About Adam

Online readers respond to "Last Night: Adam Lambert at Hobby Center," Rocks Off blog, by Brandon K. Hernsberger, September 9:

No guilt: This is the worst example of reporting I have ever seen. You merely used this media as a way to spew your own hate and prejudice. I can assure you that not one person at this concert felt guilty, or needed to be patted on their glittered back. Adam has true talent and gives them what they want. Also, I'm not sure where you got your information regarding people looking away during the kiss or grinding, but I can assure you, the audience goes crazy. It is very sexual and part of what we love about Adam. In my opinion, your pink slip can't come fast enough. And I hope it is glittery and stings for a long time.

Tricia Shawkey

Really? The audience slinks and turns away? The audience cheers so loudly when Adam kisses Tommy, you'd think the theater is going to collapse. In fact, if he doesn't kiss Tommy, there is usually an audible gasp of disappointment from the audience. We don't cheer to feel sanctimonious; we cheer because it's entertaining and sexy and adorable all at the same time. Waaaaay off base. Way off.


What a load of BS: Adam has no talent? Who the heck are you? People who know a bit more about talent than you think the world of him and that he's the most talented guy ever on American Idol. If you would have listened to the show, you would have heard that talented voice, but instead you came to the show having already made up your mind, before you heard one note. This article is so pathetic and so prejudiced, it's ridiculous.


If this is a review? How was his voice? Or were you too busy disparaging the crowd, its motives and America to listen to an angel sing?


Go ahead: Maybe Texas should be allowed to secede from the Union after all. Just make sure all the open-minded people who recognize talent get the chance to make a speedy exit. A "journalist" with an ax to grind so transparent that he even has to bring the President into the mix has not learned how to review a concert, a politician or a social sentiment, let alone a gifted singer like Adam Lambert. I anxiously await his intelligent insight into the next five-octave countertenor who comes along.


No integrity: This wasn't a review — it was a rant. You don't know crap about us or the way we feel about Adam Lambert. If you had even an ounce of the integrity he has, you would be begging forgiveness for this piece of BS you call writing.


This is a review? Uh, I think you're not supposed to have a lead for, like, ten paragraphs. Get to the point. Stop rambling, talk about the show. Obviously you are not the right person to be reviewing his concert. Get a life. Enjoy the music. You don't have to love Adam, but don't make up things about your country that are way out of line. And yeah, this is a bunch of you-know-what.


Don't speak for us: You seem to be under the impression that everyone at an Adam Lambert concert is straight. That's adorable, but I assure you, it is simply not the case. The gays aren't just on your television for people to vote for in a singing competition, they're all around. Also, the statement "Being straight in America is being alive in America" is simultaneously incredibly offensive and hopelessly naive. Your idea that American culture is inherently "straight" does not actually change the fact that there are many people — gay, straight, bi, trans and anything and everything in between — who enjoy Adam Lambert's music, and would regardless of his sexual orientation.

Your idea that "We buy Lambert because we know he'll never be one of us" is rather telling. For his fans, he is one of us, sir — a boy with a dream who just wants to sing and refuses to lie about himself in order to do it. If you want to reject that, go right ahead, but please don't attempt to speak for all of America or all of Adam's fans when doing so. You'll just embarrass yourself.


Dumbfounded: So you're saying that Adam's fans don't love him? We are only supporting Adam because we feel guilty? We are buying his albums, T-shirts, dressing up like him, selling out his concerts, flying in from halfway around the world to his sold-out concerts, waiting outside 24 hours in the rain, sleeping on the ground, driving for hours to get to these concerts, buying tickets to multiple concerts because one concert is not enough, all because we feel guilty?


Review Reflections

Online readers respond to "Adam Lambert: Reviewing Our Review," Rocks Off Blog, by Chris Gray, September 13:

Breaking it down: The posters objected, mainly, to two things:

1) The lack of any review of the actual music (which you acknowledged — thank you), and

2) The fact that the writer felt that he had the right to speak for thousands of fans as to their motivation for supporting Adam. This is truly what was most objectionable. He can spout off on his personal opinions and impressions all he wants but, short of conducting an exhaustive survey, he should never purport to know what others are thinking or feeling.


What a sad, sad newspaper: Just because a group of cray-cray fans posts a link to the review and encourages everyone to post negative comments about it, which they do multiple times under multiple names, you feel the need to apologize? That poor (honest) reviewer needs to work for a real paper.

BTW, the herd will be stampeding in soon. I guarantee this comment will be followed by hundreds from his rude and in-need-of-a-life fans.


As well you should apologize... Posting a music review without any content whatsoever regarding the music — why, it's absolutely absurd. Could you imagine a movie or theater review without mention of the movie or play? It is difficult to believe that your writer's prejudice did not inspire this particular "music" review.


Anti-gay: That "review" came across as incredibly homophobic. I am shocked you are still defending it. Sure, sexuality is a part of who some performers are, Adam Lambert included. But that does not mean sexuality is all they are. Therein lies the problem. Some people, like your reviewer, can't seem to get past it. I suspect that is why there was no review of the actual music, a fact you finally acknowledged, albeit in the final line of your write-up.


Kudos: Thank you for apologizing for the lack of a proper musical review. The agenda your reporter had was not right and you have acknowledged this error. Kudos to you for your apology. In my case, apology accepted.

Barbara Van Dyke


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