Allen Parkway Development Moving Forward

The bold new development that will revolutionize Houston -- or, at the very least, replace the old Allen House apartment complex on Allen Parkway -- may be one step closer to reality.

Developers for Regent Square have applied for final plat approval from the city's Planning Department.

So start planning your excursion to what the developer calls "a vibrant community alive with shopping, dining, working, entertaining, socializing and living -- all within easy walking distance."

But maybe don't start planning right away.

Although final approval is pretty much final approval, there are still steps to be taken, says the planning department's Suzy Hartgrove.

There's the "recordation" of the plat, for one.

"I've seen [developers take] two to three weeks between final approval and recordation, or it could be a year before recordation," she tells Hair Balls. "Sometimes it's quick and sometimes it's slow; it just depends on what the developer wants to do."

A spokesman for the Boston-based GID Urban Development Group, says groundbreaking is scheduled for November.

The Allen House apartments were demolished about a year ago, leaving a conspicuous gap on Allen Parkway where that complex stood for years.

But if Regent Square becomes everything it's touted to become -- and that may a very big if -- the Allen House won't be missed much.

-- Richard Connelly


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