Allen Stanford And John Cornyn: Best Buds For Sun-Drenched Road Trips

Who likes to travel with Houston's newest financial-meltdown icon?

Senator John Cornyn, that's who.

Talking Points Memo has the goods, via, on a "fact-finding trip" (quotes federally mandated by the US Department of Air Quotes) that Cornyn took on Allen Stanford's dime to Antigua and Barbuda right after the 2004 election.

"Sen. Cornyn discloses expenses for himself and a companion, but does not disclose the identity of the companion," notes.

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There are, of course, a hell of a lot of facts to be found in Antigua and Barbuda, but most of them concern sand, sex and sippin'.

Stanford's off-shore operations were based there, so of course there was some actual financial briefing done also, we're sure. Presumably with straight faces, although we can't be too sure about that part.

To be fair to Cornyn, Stanford apparently spread the cash around on both sides of the aisle to anyone who might have some effect on regulating him, so he's not alone.

-- Richard Connelly

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