Amanda Woods: Bar Employee Blew a .20 After Fatal Accident

Amanda Lynn Woods, the pool-bar worker who sped through two red lights before smashing into two cars and killing a woman in a 4 a.m. crash, had a blood-alcohol content of .20, prosecutors said today.

Woods, 22, made her first court appearance in the case in Montgomery County. She faces one charge of intoxicated manslaughter and two counts of intoxicated assault with a vehicle.

She wore a sling and a black eye at the arraignment, the result of the crash.

Police say she was doing 80 mph on the Tomball Parkway when she ran the red lights and eventually hit two cars.

The drivers of one car were injured but not severely to a degree that is life-threatening; the driver of the other car, April Herrigan, was killed instantly.

Police have said Woods told them she had "a few drinks" at a Humble bar after her shift at a combination pool hall and bar.

Amanda Woods: Bar Employee Blew a .20 After Fatal Accident
Screengrab from KTRK

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